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武蔵野美術大学通信課程 油絵学科卒業
ディジタルイメージ会員 春陽会会員

2000年に「Digital Image」の審査を通過し、デジタル作家「児玉明実」として活動。主にデジタルで制作をしてきたので、アナログに興味を持つようになる。









第94回春陽展 入選
第95回春陽展 入選
関西春陽会展 奨励賞/ホルベイン賞
第96回春陽展 入選
第1回全日本芸術公募展大賞展・入選展 佳作

Akemi Kodama
I was born in Chiba,Japan. I live in Takarazuka City, Hyogo.
I graduated from the Department of Western Culture at Women’s Junior College.
In 2016, I graduated from Musashino Art University Department of Oil Painting.
Digital image member, Syunyo-kai member

After working for an IT company, I studied design by myself and became a freelancer.
My main work is related to digital design such as corporate web design, groupware screen design, and Photoshop-related writing.
 In 2000, I passed “Digital Image” and worked as a digital artist “Akemi Kodama”.
Because I mainly produced digitally, I became interested in analog.

When I gave birth to a child, I enrolled in the Musashino Art University correspondence course oil painting course. There I encountered an abstract painting that I sensually draw.

Because I came across an abstract painting, my view of the scenery I had been seeing until now changed.
 Until then, It was a landscape that only the surface was visible.

That is the depth of the color that nature has, the shape of nature that has nothing identical, the elapsed time of an old thing, the fun of modeling accidentally encountered, the rhythm of light and dark, etc.
I know that there are beautiful things in the familiar scenery that you see in everyday life.

 I accumulate it in my own hands and work intuitively, and think and produce by hand the memories accumulated in me, the fluctuations in my feelings, and the emotions that affect each other. At that time, I express myself as an abstraction that I can only meet at that place.

In 2016 I graduated from university. After that, he was selected for public exhibitions and exhibited at exhibitions at the National Art Center, Osaka City Museum of Art, and Harada no Mori Art Museum.
Other group exhibitions are planned. Participating in gallery exhibitions.
I am currently active as an abstract painter “Akemi Kodama”.

Hobbies: watching movies, listening to music, going on a trip, going to a public bath, drinking, eating

Award history

I won a prize at the Bulgarian International Biennale
I won a prize at the The 94th Shunyo exhibition
I won a prize at the The 95th Shunyo exhibition
I received an encouragement prize & Holbein Award at Kansai Syunyo exhibition
I won a prize at the The 96th Shunyo exhibition
I was selected as a fine work for the 1st All Japan Art Competition Grand Prize Exhibition

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