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武蔵野美術大学通信課程 油絵学科卒業
ディジタルイメージ会員 春陽会会員





第94回春陽展 入選
第95回春陽展 入選
関西春陽会展 奨励賞/ホルベイン賞
第96回春陽展 入選
第1回全日本芸術公募展大賞展・入選展 佳作

Akemi Kodama
I was born in Chiba,Japan. I live in Takarazuka City, Hyogo.
I graduated from the Department of Western Culture at Women’s Junior College.
In 2016, I graduated from Musashino Art University Department of Oil Painting.
Digital image member, Syunyo-kai member

After working for a trading company for 10 years, I worked as a freelance company in web design, CG production, and Photoshop related work.

I have been working in digital for a long time, but I was very interested in analog.

I went to Musashino Art University correspondence course oil painting department in the wake of marriage and birth, and I learned various methods and expressions and graduated.

Currently, I am working on work creation with inspiration in a lot of natural places.

I work intuitively, thinking and creating by hand the memories accumulated in me, the fluctuations in my feelings, the margins I can make in my mind, and the emotions that affect each other.

My emotions from time to time become works as they resonate as colors on paper.

At that time, I abstractly express my inner face that can only meet at that place.

I’m glad to see something through the work of the audience.

I like the feel of Japanese paper and mainly use Japanese paper. I also use it for collage. Use oil paint, acrylic paint and ink depending on the work.

Hobbies: watching movies, listening to music, going on a trip, going to a public bath, drinking, eating

Award history

I won a prize at the Bulgarian International Biennale
I won a prize at the The 94th Shunyo exhibition
I won a prize at the The 95th Shunyo exhibition
I received an encouragement prize & Holbein Award at Kansai Syunyo exhibition
I won a prize at the The 96th Shunyo exhibition
I was selected as a fine work for the 1st All Japan Art Competition Grand Prize Exhibition