Abstract work of September 27, 2020


The weather was getting better, so I took a walk and took a picture of it outside.
The background of the picture is not always the wall. What is the background.






I’ve always thought art was difficult. I thought it was to be able to draw a picture well.
After that, as I continued to make my own paintings, I realized that this was not the case. It was well explained in this book and was easy to understand.

“Art thinking is not about drawing a picture well, but about creating your own answers and creating new questions from your own perspective” (excerpt from some texts)

This book uses contemporary art as an example to give you tips on how to become an art thinker.
Training may be needed to become art thinking. But I think the way I see paintings will change.

I think the process of interest and the part of exploration are interesting rather than asking for an answer. I think it’s important to take stereotypes and change your perspective.